Did Sunderland singleton find love on Take Me Out?

She may have had a whale of a time on her date to Fernando's, but Dan wasn't quite the man for Sunderland singleton Alex Forth.

Wednesday, 24th January 2018, 5:00 am
Dan and Alex

Millions tuned in to Take Me Out at the weekend to see Alex Forth, 21, from Ryhope, go on a date to the hit show’s fictional resort, which is actually in Tenerife.

The dancer was chosen after just two appearances in host Paddy McGuinness’ ‘flirty thirty.’

Alex on the show

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After gymnast Dan left Alex’s light on, the pair travelled to Fernando’s for a yoga date, followed by a romantic dinner where they seemed to hit it off.

The pair clicked on the show, but Alex says their budding romance has since fizzled out.

“I had a lovely time on the date, the weather was amazing and I wouldn’t have changed the experience for the world,” explained the former Venerable Bede pupil.

“We saw each other again after the show but we decided then that it was best to just be friends.”

Alex on the show

The show, which is celebrating its tenth series, is responsible for seven weddings and three babies, with another two babies on the way.

After she’d been single for a year, Alex’s mum Paula sent her an application form and said she’d be great on the show.

“I went on the show with no expectations, I just thought it would be a great experience,” said Alex.

Among those tuning in at the weekend was Alex’s family to see if she’d found the one.

She said: “Even my granddad watched the show and he’s not really into programmes like that and my mam says she was pleased I had a good time on the date.”

Though Alex’s family still live in Sunderland, she lives in London where she is studying performing arts at the prestigious Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts.

Speaking about her stint on the show, she said: “It was great to be part of the show and Paddy is just like he appears on TV, you don’t worry about anything as he really puts you at ease.”

Commenting on the show’s enduring appeal, comedian Paddy, said: “We don’t try and be too ‘cool for school’.

“It’s a dating show, but it’s a Saturday night entertainment show as well, so you can sit there and watch it with your friends, family, the kids, everyone. Everyone gets involved, we’re all shouting at the telly telling her to pick him! It’s just a nice easy watch.”

•Take Me Out is on Saturday at 6.45pm on ITV