Destroying way of life

The past Coalition Government and the current Tory one have drastically reduced council funding.

Monday, 11th April 2016, 8:14 am
Updated Monday, 11th April 2016, 8:17 am

As a consequence councils cannot provide the service the public expect from them. So, I find it rather hypocritical of some of Labour’s opposition, who endeavour to distort the facts and feint the responsibility for the suffering and misery on the shoulders of the council.

Take Lib/Dems Niall Hodson. He has posed for a photo with some potholes with the insinuation it was council neglect.

However, the facts are different. They indicate Mr Hodson’s Government and the Tories are the ones who have been unfunding the system for years. The Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance report revealed councils are struggling to fund repairs because of Government cuts.

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The RAC engineer stated, “The message to the Government has to be, local roads are just as important as strategic road networks.”

Mr Hodson is a curator and cultural historian and he should know how significant it is to retain our culture.

Yet, since the Lib Dems and the Tories got together in an unholy allegiance, they have starved the art world of finance. From 2010, the Lib/Dems and the Tories have wreaked havoc among the nation’s heritage.

At least 40 local authority museums have closed, art galleries, sites of industrial archaeology, centres of local history and even the memorial home of the Durham Light Infantry.

Let’s not forget the libraries and all the people who have lost their jobs in those establishments.

The Lib/Dems and the Tories, with their austerity policy, are destroying our way of life.

Even mother Cameron has told her son he has gone too far. If she can protest, surely, it’s time for the local Tories and Lib/Dems to inform Mr Cameron of the damage his policies are doing to good old Sunderland.

W Quinn