Derek & Co on song for England’s glory

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A former member of a legendary Sunderland club band is hoping to inspire England to European glory.

Derek Miller, who was a familiar face on the circuit with Cirkus, makes up one third of Cage & Co, alongside bandmates Dave Ramshaw and Nick Mao.

The trio have recorded a new unofficial song The Road to Glory, ahead of this summer’s European Championships.

And they have even shot a video, which sees them watching England’s 1966 World Cup victory in the bar at Nick’s local – The Highwayman, in Lambton.

Dave, who works for Cross Country Trains, came up with the lyrics, then he, part-time brewer Derek and Nick – who works for a fibreglass manufacturer – set it to music.

They roped in the talents of guitarist Michael Maughan, who has just returned from touring Europe and Australia, for the final track.

Dave, 45, admitted the trio had been inspired by the The Lightning Seeds’ legendary Euro 96 anthem.

“We have been thinking about writing something for a while,” he said.

“We were listening to Three Lions and that really inspired us.

“I wrote the lyrics and then Derek and Nick helped with the music.

“Derek is a really good keyboard player from his days with Cirkus.

“Nick shot the video – he has got a little business doing that – and we filmed it in the Highwayman.”

The video shows Dave, in his white England shirt, singing, while the rest of the band are dressed in the iconic red tops from the 1966 final, but Dave admits it was a happy accident.

“I’m the only one wearing the white shirt, but it just happened by chance,” he said. “We all just turned up on the day, but it worked out quite well.”

The Road to Glory is published by a new local record company Ramshaw Records, set up by Dave in February.

The track will be available in all major download stores from May 20.