Delay in plans to remove controversial road humps

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MOTORISTS will have to endure the misery of much-hated road humps for a few months longer as proposals to rip them out drive on.

Councillors told highways chiefs they want to see the plastic speed cushions in North Road, on Seaham’s seafront, removed within six weeks after more than 700 people joined a campaign calling for them to go.

Residents and businesses said they are too severe and led to traffic using East Shore Village as a rat run.

Now the six members of Durham County Council who represent the town have been told their proposals must go through a three-month formal consultation period with the community.

The plan to leave the humps in place along North Terrace, which is a busy pedestrian area with cafes and bars, is also being reconsidered. They are now are set to be replaced with asphalt ones and the zebra crossing will remain.

The controversial plastic speed humps could be on their way elsewhere once they are removed, as they are sold off to cover the cost of the changes.

Councillor Charlie Walker, who represents Dawdon on the county council and is deputy leader of Seaham Town Council, said: “We made this decision, but now we need to consult on it.

“That will take three months, so we’re talking about it being complete by the end of July.”

He added the councillors understood people’s frustrations, but that the process must be done properly.

The cost of the work, should it go ahead without complaint, is still being calculated, but councillors hope some funds will be generated with the sale of the humps.

They have previously said the humps would not be moved elsewhere in East Durham.

The plastic structures are held down with bolts and it could take just an hour to remove each one, although some repair work to the surface beneath may be needed.

Proposals are also being made to extend the 20mph limit already in place on North Terrace along North Road.

The scheme cost £80,000 and was put in to try and improve the flow of traffic in and out of the town via the coast road as it replaced chicanes which favoured motorists heading towards East Shore Village and Ryhope.

Seaham Town Council put forward 10 per cent of money for the measures, but then joined in calls for it to be amended when members discovered the severity of the humps once the work was complete.

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