Death risk for jobless

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PEOPLE who live in areas of long-term low employment are at a greater risk of premature death.

Geographers from Durham University found those living in such areas are more likely to suffer from arthritis, asthma, heart conditions and back problems.

Its Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience and Wolfson Institute looked at the information 20,000 people collected by the Office for National Statistics.

Age, gender, mobility and populations were compared between areas according to employment, with the researchers stating the findings show the importance of health policies and job projects.

Co-author of the study Professor Sarah Curtis said: “Investment in secure employment and healthy working conditions is likely to reduce costs to society in terms of health and social care provision, and welfare benefit payments.

“Low employment and reports of poor health are connected and we need to look at how we can maintain and boost employment in areas with deep-seated deprivation.”