Deano’s monu-mental challenge!

HILL CLIMB: Deano Fraciosy climbs Penshaw Monument for Hope 4 Kidz.
HILL CLIMB: Deano Fraciosy climbs Penshaw Monument for Hope 4 Kidz.
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TIRELESS Deano Franciosy made a monumental effort to support a charity for sick and disadvantaged children.

The 42-year-old, from Concord, Washington, trekked up and down Penshaw Hill for 90 minutes carrying a 14lb backpack to raise funds for Hope 4 Kidz.

To make it even harder, Deano’s challenge coincided with a late mini-heatwave sweeping across Wearside and other parts of the UK.

The dedicated fund-raiser managed to reach the 19th century Penshaw Monument 24 times, completing 5,376 steps and raising £311 in sponsorship money and collections.

“I’m absolutely shattered now,” he said at the end of the challenge.

“I can’t believe I managed to go up and down 24 times. I don’t think that’s ever been done.

“The heat didn’t help either. I wasn’t expecting it to be as warm as it has been today.”

Over the years the charity champ has raised £36,219 for 113 good causes.

From kissogram stunts to bag-packing in Pennywell and trekking from Seaburn to Washington F Pit carrying a six-stone backpack, Deano is always coming up with unusual ways to raise funds.

“I’ve raised funds for 113 different charities,” he said.

“I think I’m going to relax now for the rest of the year. The next thing will be the Boxing Day Dip, I enjoy doing that.”

Wearside-based Hope 4 Kidz has made scores of special youngsters’ wishes come true.

The charity, set up at Pennywell Business Centre in 2007, offers a range of support for sick or disabled children, as well as those in poverty.

Chief executive Viv Watts said: “We are grateful to Deano for choosing to support Hope 4 Kidz with this difficult challenge.”

Individuals apply to the charity for grants and Hope 4 Kidz also organises events for special needs children from across the North East.

To make a donation or get involved with Hope 4 Kidz, call 534 7788.

Alternatively, email

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