Dave Grohl's favourite support band The Struts put on special show in Newcastle

After supporting The Who, Rolling Stones, Guns 'n' Roses and Motley Crue and being hailed by Dave Grohl as the best band ever to have opened for the Foo Fighters, there is a real feeling The Struts are on the brink of breaking out.

Tuesday, 19th February 2019, 1:26 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th February 2019, 1:28 pm
In singer Luke Spiller, The Struts have a genuine old-school frontman. Pic: Mick Burgess.

It was rather appropriate that the wail of fire sirens heralded them onto the stage at Newcastle University last night, as their incendiary, high-energy performance threatened to bring the house down.

With foot-stomping, hand-clapping anthems and songs so hook laden they are impossible to resist, this promised to be the most explosive rock 'n' roll party of the year.

The Struts singer Luke Spiller comes across like the twisted love child of Freddie Mercury and Joan Jett. Pic: Mick Burgess.

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Blending the sleaze of The Stones with a liberal dose of Queen's melodramatics and the platform boot-sized stomp of Slade, add in a dash of Supergrass, and you begin to scratch the surface of what The Struts are all about.

Only two albums into their fledgling career, the Derby four-piece have an arsenal of songs that more seasoned bands would die for.

Primadonna Like Me, Body Talks, Kiss This and Dirty Sexy Money do exactly what they say on the tin. They strut and preen like the glam rock peacocks that they are in glorious multi-colour fashion. Needless to say, every single one hits the mark.

In singer Luke Spiller, they have a genuine old-school frontman, coming across like the twisted love child of Freddie Mercury and Joan Jett.

The Struts' sound blends the Rolling Stones with Queen, Slade and Supergrass. Pic: Mick Burgess.

Spiller is utterly infectious. Blowing the whole stage budget on his wardrobe, he pirouetted around the stage firstly in red and black leather and then into an impressive shiny, sequinned top with enormous wizard sleeves that'd make Liberace blush.

Blessed with a voice to carry it off, Spiller worked the crowd like his life depended on it, even pulling Olivia out of the crowd for the “Courtney Cox moment” during their lively cover of Springsteen's Dancing In The Dark. Spiller certainly gave one lucky girl a night to remember.

When America's Got Talent star Courtney Hadwin from Hartlepool jumped up on stage for an edgy duet of Janis Joplin's Another Piece Of My Heart it provided another memorable moment for an emerging new talent, but it was closing song that left the biggest mark of the night.

As the crowd snaked their way up the stairs and out of the hall, they spontaneously erupted into a chorus of Could Have Been Me, the whole lot singing and cheering.

The Struts singer Luke Spiller seemed to have blown the entire stage budget on his extravagant outfits. Pic: Mick Burgess.

It was an astonishing moment, and when a band can do that to a crowd you know that you've just witnessed something rather special.