A dangerous divide

In response to J W Bearby's,Just jealous of Farage (December 14), I would like to point out some obvious defects in the argument.

Mr Farage’s only political achievement is as a MEP – therefore one of the “unelected and unqualified misfits” he complains about.

Heading a campaign based on X-Factor populism, spreading spurious lies and dupe, it is as well that Downing Street does not buy in to the myth.

Many in Sunderland are afraid of his “outspoken confrontations” too.

A once social, democratic and internationalist town is at risk of dangerous divide, especially if a platform to perform on as serious as British Ambassador to the USA were handed to him.

We must nor forget that UKIP has but one MP in the Commons – a position Mr Farage has himself failed to achieve (performance does not always equate to results it seems), so long may Sunderland remain a Labour Party stronghold espousing principles of equality and diversity.

Chris Wilson