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Should TV cameras be allowed in court?

The government is considering whether to allow some sentencing in English and Welsh courts to be televised.

A government spokesman said it was considering proposals to allow limited recording and transmission from courts.

Shadow Justice Secretary Sadiq Khan said the public’s understanding and confidence of the legal system would improve if cameras were allowed.

Critics have said prisoners could be at risk if personal information and previous convictions were revealed.

Under the proposals, the trials themselves and the verdicts delivered by the jury would not be filmed.

BBC political correspondent Iain Watson said sources at both Downing Street and the Ministry of Justice had confirmed the government was “seriously considering” the plans in the interests of greater transparency.

He said an announcement would be made in due course however sources had denied reports that the announcement would be made by the prime minister in a forthcoming speech on crime.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said the Lord Chancellor was consulting with senior judges on the proposals after renewed calls from broadcasters for filming to be allowed.