Daily Poll - September 5

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HOW much did your child’s new school uniform cost?

CHILDREN across Wearside and County Durham are heading back to school this week.

And that has meant parents having to dig deep to fund school uniforms.

Supermarkets offer good deals on uniform these days, but some schools have specific rules on some items of uniform that can only be bought at specialist shops.

Charity Family Action says the cost of school uniforms risks “breaking the bank” for poorer families.

The organisation, which supports disadvantaged families, reckons poorer parents will have paid out 40 per cent of their monthly income in August on “back-to-school costs”.

It calculates that the bill for equipping a child for the first day of secondary school now averages £191.96 when clothing and equipment are included.

The average cost of uniforms for boys is £160.74 and for girls £155.95. The average for a primary school outfit is £113.44.

How much has it cost you to kit-out your kids for the classroom?