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Do you think Scotland should be granted independence?

The UK government will not move to block a referendum on Scottish independence, the Secretary of State for Scotland has said.

Liberal Democrat MP Michael Moore said there would not be constitutional questions raised about the rights or wrongs of holding a vote.

The newly-elected majority SNP Scottish government intends to bring forward a referendum in its five-year term.

The Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems all oppose independence.

Mr Moore told BBC Scotland’s Politics Show it was now up to the SNP to bring forward the referendum, which First Minister Alex Salmond said would come “well into the second half” of the new, five-year parliament.

“I firmly believe the Scottish Parliament, if it so decides, can proceed with a referendum,” Mr Moore said, adding: “There will be the normal electoral rules that have to be followed and it will have to be discussed carefully with the relevant authorities.”