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Do you think reporters should be allowed in court when super-injunctions are being sought?

A report by top judges has recommended the media should be informed in advance about applications for injunctions and so-called super-injunctions.

Lord Neuberger, Master of the Rolls, said reports of parliamentary comments which tried to contravene injunctions might be in contempt of court.

The report said super-injunctions were now being granted for “short periods” and only where “secrecy is necessary”.

Downing Street has said the government would consider the report carefully.

Lord Neuberger, who is the most senior civil judge in England and Wales, has chaired a year-long inquiry by a committee of judges and lawyers.

The report, which says only two super-injunctions had been granted since January 2010, states “the procedure will enable the media to be informed about applications in advance as parliament envisaged”.

It says: “We have tried to achieve a procedural system which strikes a fair and proper balance between the principles of open justice and freedom of expression for the public and media and an individual’s right to confidentiality and privacy.”

Lord Neuberger’s committee also said that super-injunctions were only granted for very short periods where secrecy is essential to ensure that the whole point of the order is not destroyed.