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DO you think Sunderland will ever win the Premier League?

NIALL Quinn says he would be “chased out of Sunderland” if he told fans he thought the Black Cats could win the Premier League.

SAFC chairman Quinn, speaking before a Parliamentary select committee yesterday, told MPs that supporters of the Wearsiders think it is a more realistic aim to qualify for European football.

The former Republic of Ireland international striker also lambasted England’s failed bid to host the 2018 World Cup, saying it had been “drowned in arrogance”.

Agents were also a target, with Quinn saying some demaned “£250,000 for one day’s work”.

His appearance came as the Commons Culture Select Committee looks into the financial “doping “of football, whereby clubs are bought and left with huge, leveraged debts.

Quinn, who is touring venues in and around Sunderland for a series of talk-ins, gave evidence alongside Manchester United chief executive David Gill and Peter Coates chairman of Stoke City.

When MPs asked Quinn about his club’s prospects, the chairman admitted it was a “realistic target” for them to qualify for Europe.

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