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Will removing tobacco advertising displays from shops cut smoking?

Tobacco displays in shops will be banned in England as part of a package of measures to discourage smoking.

Instead, cigarettes and other products will have to be kept under-the-counter from 2012 for large stores and 2015 for small shops, ministers have announced.

A consultation will also be launched on whether manufacturers should be forced to put cigarettes into plain packets.

A fifth of adults smoke - a figure which has remained steady in recent years after decades of rapid falls.

Both steps have been under discussion for a number of years with legislation to ban the display of tobacco products put in place by the Labour government before it lost power last year. The coalition had initially said it wanted to review the plan before proceeding.

A number of countries, including Canada, Ireland, Iceland and Finland, have already introduced similar bans, while Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are moving in that direction.