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Are children exposed to too much sexual imagery before the TV watershed?

A range of proposals to help prevent the sexualisation of children by retailers and popular culture has been welcomed by ministers.

The Bailey Review calls for more protection for children from internet porn, and an improved TV “watershed”.

The review coincides with new stricter “good practice” guidance for shops selling children’s clothing.

Children’s Minister Sarah Teather said the report showed the government how to give parents the support they needed.

The review was commissioned by Prime Minister David Cameron and carried out by Reg Bailey, the head of the Mothers’ Union.

He describes the plethora of explicit adverts, videos and television programmes as a “wallpaper of sexual images that surround children”.

Mr Bailey says parents are worried about “the increasingly sexualised culture we live in”.

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He says they need more support to protect their children and “help them deal with the pressure this brings”.

Under the changes proposed by Mr Bailey, steamy pop videos would be restricted to older teens and later television slots, with magazines featuring sexualised images covered up on shelves.