Daily Poll June 22

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Are motoring costs forcing you to cut down on car journeys?

About a third of drivers have cut down on the number of car journeys they make because of the cost of motoring, an RAC report has suggested.

Money needed to run a car was now the motorists’ number one concern, according to the motoring organisation.

Its survey of 1,000 drivers earlier this year indicated rural drivers were hardest hit, as public transport was often not an alternative.

Unleaded petrol now averages about £1.37 a litre, with diesel about £1.42.

Many of those polled said fuel prices were forcing them to cut out visits to friends, find other ways to get to work and not drive their children to after-school activities.

The RAC questioned drivers about their attitudes to motoring.

The survey showed 35% had cut down on short journeys, with 30% saying they have reduced the number of longer outings.

Nearly 40% said they now combine as many journeys as possible into one trip.

Meanwhile, 65% of drivers said they would have to severely reduce their car use if fuel prices continued to rise, and 58% said motoring could become a luxury.