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What would you do with the Seaburn Centre?

A WEARSIDE leisure centre is in line for closure – but could make way for a new swimming pool or ice rink.

The Seaburn Centre has been tipped for closure for years, branded a “white elephant” by critics.

There have also been calls to build a swimming pool at the seafront to provide an all-weather attraction. Work is already under way to build such a facility at the city’s rival resort in South Shields.

Now it looks like the centre – which includes sports halls and a Wellness Centre gym – could close as part of sweeping changes to the seafront.

Planning officer Dan Hattle said: “It is recognised that as part of the long-term redevelopment of the Seaburn area for the benefit of the city, that that facility might have to close.”

Mr Hattle said there was no definite plan to close the centre at present, but if it were to shut down there would be possibilities to relocate its facilities within the new development of the area.

He was speaking at a meeting to examine the Seaburn Masterplan – part of Sunderland City Council’s plans to revamp Wearside’s seafront.

Councillors said community leisure facilities were important and should be maintained in the area – but the centre was not fit for purpose.