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Should teenagers be legally forced to wear helmets when riding bikes, scooters or skateboards?

TERRIFIED parents feared their son had died after an accident at a skate park.

Eleven-year-old Christopher Bulmer needed 10 staples in his head after a collision at the Silksworth play area when a fellow rider accidentally landed on top of him.

Today his mum Sharon called for all youngsters to wear safety helmets when using Sunderland’s skate parks and for parents to realise the potential dangers.

Christopher was playing on his new stunt scooter, which he had bought with his birthday money, when the accident happened.

Office worker Sharon, who lives with her family in Grindon’s Gleneagles Road, said husband Chris, 31, rushed to the scene when one of the youngster’s friends rang to say what had happened.

“He thought the worst. He thought he was dead at first.”

Luckily, Christopher is expected to make a full recovery.

Sharon, also mum to Jordan, 15, and Thomas, two, said: “This was his own fault because he wasn’t wearing a helmet, and I blame myself as well, to be honest.”

She added: “I just want other parents and youngsters to realise how dangerous it is not to wear a helmet and to make sure they do when at these skate parks.”

She said: “I think this has given him a massive shock, and there is no way he will be allowed out on his scooter or his BMX bike without a helmet now.

“Accidents happen, and the other boy was not to blame, but I just hope it will make other youngsters realise they need to have protective gear on.”

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