Daily Poll April 13

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In what state of health will the proposed NHS changes leave the country?

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley is facing a confidence vote from nurses in reaction to his planned changes for the NHS in England.

After a “listening exercise” at Downing Street with the PM and voluntary sector representatives, Mr Lansley will go to the Royal College of Nursing Congress.

He will meet a group of 50 nurses - not the whole conference - which has prompted some to question his nerve.

Meanwhile, Labour leaders will have an emergency meeting about the NHS plans.

Under the shake-up, GPs are to be given control of much of the NHS budget, while greater competition with the private sector will be encouraged.

Out for consultation

But critics, including the Royal College of Nursing, have warned the changes could undermine the NHS.

After months of attacks, the government said last week it would run another consultation, even though the bill underpinning the changes has already started progressing through Parliament.