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Do you like the X Factor-style format of TV’s MasterChef?

THE BBC has tried to placate MasterChef viewers furious about the show’s new X Factor-style format.

The BBC1 hit’s seventh series features individual cooking auditions in a glitzy new studio - in place of the traditional group heat stages.

Last Wednesday and Thursday, 20 hopefuls were picked by judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode.

The BBC confirmed “unhappy” viewers had been complaining, but said: “John and Gregg hoped viewers would enjoy the new energy they’d given the show by dropping the heat.”

Defending the change, it added: “The level of cooking has increased phenomenally over the years and the new format will give more people the chance to cook their own food from the outset, presenting a bigger challenge.”

MasterChef airs on Wednesday and Thursday at 9pm.