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Do you think women are safer drivers than men?

Young women could face big increases in the cost of car insurance, if insurers are told that they have to stop quoting different prices for men and women.

The European Court of Justice will decide whether it is a form of sex discrimination which should be banned.

If so, some women drivers in the UK could eventually face 50 per cent rises in the cost of insuring their cars.

The gulf between men’s and women’s motor cover is particularly wide for drivers who have recently passed their tests.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) argues that people get a deal which accurately reflects their situation.

Insurance broker Mike Williams thinks it is unlikely that men’s premiums will come down

“The facts show young male drivers are most at risk of accidents on the road, so young women currently pay a lower premium for their car insurance,” explains the ABI’s Nick Starling.

The ABI suggests that young women could face an average increase of 25 per cent, rising to 50 per cent for the least experienced.