Dad so grateful to Slimming World

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A DAD who was told he would never walk again has overcome another hurdle.

As revealed in the Echo yesterday, Steve Hope, 53, defied medics by taking his first steps after a near-fatal aneurysm left him paralysed.

Dad-of-five Steve, of Hendon, also overcame another major hurdle after his doctor told him he needed to lose weight.

“I weighed 18.3 stone and the doctor said I was dangerously overweight,” the granddad-of-10 said.

“I had put on a lot of weight by not moving and not doing all the exercise I was used to, but I didn’t care.

“It wasn’t until he asked me what the point of fighting for my life had been that I decided to do something.”

Steve joined a Slimming World class run by Gill Whitfield and has now hit his target of losing three stone, which doctors claim has added another decade to his life.

Slimming World sessions are held at Valley Road, Hendon, every Tuesday at 3.45pm, 5.30pm and 7pm.

They are also held every Friday at St John’s Methodist Church, Ashbrooke Road, at 9.30am and 11.30am.

For more details, phone Gill on 510 8931.