Dad’s fears over dangerous false widow spider

The spider caught by Geoffrey Lawrence
The spider caught by Geoffrey Lawrence
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A DAD is warning people to beware after he caught what he believes to be Britain’s most dangerous spider.

Geoffrey Lawrence thinks the arachnid he captured is a false widow spider, which is related to the deadly black widow.

Geoffrey Lawrence with the spider he caught

Geoffrey Lawrence with the spider he caught

Geoffrey, 41, spotted the creature on his kitchen ceiling.

At first he thought it was an ordinary spider, but on closer inspection he thinks it may be a false widow.

There have been a series of reported sightings and attacks all over the country in the last few weeks.

Anyone bitten can experience chest pains, tingly fingers and swelling, but is unlikely to die.

The dad-of-two, of Wheatley Hill, said: “I thought it was just a black spider and was going to put it outside, but then I saw white markings on its back that resemble a skull.

“There are a lot of kids around here and I want to make people aware and to be careful.”

Durham County Council says the chances of finding a false widow are rare and does not believe there are any confirmed sightings in the region, but anyone who believes they have found one are asked to get in touch for advice.