Dad’s call for action on danger road outside Murton school

Paul Temple with son Christopher who was knocked down outside Murton Community Primary School..
Paul Temple with son Christopher who was knocked down outside Murton Community Primary School..
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A DAD is calling for urgent traffic measures to be taken after his son was run over outside school.

Paul Temple’s 10-year-old boy Christopher was hit by a car as he left Murton Community Primary School, in Barnes Road, Murton.

The youngster was jostling with friends before he was pushed into the path of the car.

Christopher, of Calvert Terrace, Murton, was rushed to Sunderland Royal Hospital after the incident.

The Year Six pupil had four teeth knocked out after he hit his head on the side of the vehicle and he needed stitches for his injuries.

Christopher, who is still recovering, said: “I came out of school with a couple of my friends and I don’t know what happened.

“All I know is I got hit by a car.

“After that loads of people were standing over me.”

Paul says he doesn’t blame the driver of the car for what happened, but now feels that bus stops outside the school must be moved to make the area safer for school children.

“It was an accident waiting to happen and it needs to be looked at,” said the 43-year-old, who works at DLC Freight Services, in Rainton Bridge.

“The barrier that’s there in my eyes isn’t adequate.

“You get one person pushing and it’s like a domino effect.

“Chris has had a story on him in the paper, but it could have been in the obituaries.”

Short Grove resident Jimmy Collings says he would like to see a different entrance used at the other side of the school for pupils to get in and out safely.

“We have cars going onto the path every day,” he said.

“There is a car park down the bottom of Webb Avenue.

“There are no double lines, so the cars could go down and the bairns could get through.”

Sunderland AFC fan Chris is now recovering at home with Paul, his mum Andrea, 34, brothers Aaron, 18, Jack, three, and sister Chloe, 12, after the accident, which happened earlier this month, but is eager to get back to school and see all his friends.

“He’s had four teeth knocked out, two incisors and his two front adult teeth,” said Paul.

“The doctors stitched his palate too, so he has been on soft food ever since.”

Bosses at Durham County Council say they have looked into ways of improving the traffic situation around the school.

David Battensby, area traffic manager of the council, said: “We have done as much as we can possibly do and exhausted all possible options to address the problem on the road outside this school without penalising residents by imposing more yellow lines.

“We have held meetings with the local community and have already installed yellow lines, guard rails, bollards and traffic humps.

“We haven’t ruled out the option of using the land at Webb Avenue for parking but to do this we would need co-operation from the school.

“The key is getting the message across to parents and asking them to avoid bringing the car outside the school by parking that little bit further away or collecting their children on foot.”

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