Dad of virus-battler Kyra Thompson ‘didn’t eat or sleep for four days’

Kyra Thompson, pleased to be back at work after her sudden serious illness.
Kyra Thompson, pleased to be back at work after her sudden serious illness.
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THE dad of brave Kyra Thompson said he feared his daughter was going to die.

David Thompson said his family endured a living nightmare as they watched Kyra fight desperately for life.

The 48-year-old, along with Kyra’s mum Tracy, 50 and brother Sam, 24, stayed constantly by her both in Sunderland and when she was moved to Leicester.

And while Kyra remembers almost nothing of her battle for life as she remained in an induced coma through almost all of it, it was all too real for her loved ones.

David said: “I did think ‘I could lose my daughter here’. It was absolutely devastating. We didn’t eat or sleep for four days.

“It was up and down all the way. Her body seemed to accept some things and then reject them.

“As a family we went through a horrific trend of good news, then bad news, a bit more good news and then more bad news.

“We feared the worst when on the fourth or fifth day, her eyes were sluggish and they were checking her every hour for some response.”

At one point, he said, there was no response,

With his daughter in an induced coma and all her muscles paralysed, Kyra fought for life.

Friends and family held candlelit vigils for Kyra, some as far away as Malaysia.

But finally, came a glimmer of hope when Kyra was placed on the ECMO machine and her body began to respond to the treatment.

As she woke from the coma, and with her mum holding a phone next to her paralysed body, Kyra began ringing relatives to reassure them the worst was over.

She remembered: “Everyone thought I was going to die. Then, when I woke up they knew I was okay.

“The next day, when I was ringing them, they were screaming down the phone. It was the icing on the cake for them.”

Proud dad David admitted: “People call the NHS but I can’t fault them in any way. They are absolutely fantastic and they 100 per cent deserve to get an award.”