Cycling the world

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ADVENTURER, documentary-maker and author Mark Beaumont has a passion for living at the extremes of human endurance.

He has travelled the world by bicycle – an adventure documented in The Man Who Cycled the World – pedalled up and climbed the highest peaks of the Americas and rowed the Canadian Arctic.

Most recently, his attempt to row the Atlantic ended after 27 days, when his boat capsized, forcing him to spend 14 hours in a life raft before being rescued.

Mark will talk about these and his other major expeditions when he visits Gala Theatre, Durham, on Sunday.

Using photos and footage from his various adventures, Mark describes where life can lead if you have enough determination.

His is a story of mental and physical endurance as well as a fascinating insight into the world in which we live.

Tickets are £14 or £12 for concessions.

To book, phone 332 4041.