Crown court sentence for Sunderland mum who left kids with 10-year-old

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A MOTHER who dumped her baby and toddler with a 10-year-old babysitter while she disappeared for the night will be sentenced at crown court.

The children, aged just five months and three years old, were left with the schoolgirl friend who thought she was going to the house in Sunderland for a sleepover.

But minutes after the young girl was dropped off by her dad, the mum claimed she was going shopping and changed into a silver sequined mini-skirt and silver top, then left the house.

The babysitter put the young children to bed and even ironed some of their clothes, before falling asleep around 4am.

But when she woke up at 8am the following day, the youngster discovered the woman had not returned and left them locked in the house, where the only food was milk for the baby, juice, bread and butter, which was five months out of date.

She also discovered that £5 left for her by the woman had gone missing.

The frightened girl woke the two younger children up, dressed them and helped them climb out of a downstairs window, from where they began walking to the 10-year-old’s home in another part of the city.

Luckily they were spotted by a concerned passer-by, who took them to her nearby home and called police.

Sunderland Magistrates’ Court heard how the mum, in her 20s, initially denied leaving the three children in August but later pleaded guilty to one charge of neglect.

Defence solicitor Peter Thubron said the woman had been battling suspected mental illness and struggling to cope.

However she was now receiving support from her family, who sat in the court room, Social Services and had regular supervised contact with her two children, who were living with their dad,” said Mr Thubron.

“Things are starting to happen that should have happened along time ago.

“I am painting a picture of a girl who was suffering from various kinds of problems.”

Magistrates said the case was too serious for them to deal with and the woman will now be sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court later this year.