Crow’s a buddy, not a bully

Ten year old Emmanuel Adams looking for the Jackdaw which has befriended him.
Ten year old Emmanuel Adams looking for the Jackdaw which has befriended him.
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A SCARE crow labelled a problem bird is no feathered fiend, according to a Sunderland schoolboy.

The Echo reported how a crow has been divebombing frightened children as they play at St Mary’s RC Primary School.

But pupil Emmanuel Adams says the bird has been his companion for the last two weeks as he walks into school.

And far from being a pecking menace, the 10-year-old schoolboy believes the creature is an escaped pet.

Mum Carolyn Adams, 46, of Thornhill, was amazed when the crow first started following her son.

“He walks to St Mary’s with the bird on his arm. A lorry driver nearly crashed his lorry watching him.

“If I try to get near it, it flies away. I don’t think it likes adults or girls.

“I think it’s a bird that has been hand reared, maybe by a little boy who looks like Emmanuel.”

Animal lover Emmanuel, who lives in Elmwood Street with sisters Rebecca, 16, Alexi, 11, and Nicki, nine, three dogs, four fish and some birds, said: “Any time I walk to school, it goes on my arm.

“I’ve called it Jack if it’s a boy and Jackie if it’s a girl.”

Parents and pupils complained of being tormented since the bird first began appearing at the Meadowside school in early December.

The problem has led to teachers shortening playtimes and keeping the children inside to prevent further attacks.

Headteacher Sean Brown, 55, said: “The bird hasn’t hurt or injured anybody, but it has unsettled some pupils.

“We have sometimes kept pupils in if we have seen the bird and, on a couple of occasions, shortened breaktimes.

“The bird doesn’t appear every day and we have been advised that if it is caught it could be taken to a bird sanctuary.

“We have even put up pictures of birds of prey and it has been suggested that we put up a dummy owl to scare it away.

“If anyone has any more suggestions we’d be interested to hear them.”

He added that a bird-scaring device had been provided by Sunderland City Council, which imitates a distress call.