Yob trashed girlfriend's house and headbutted man in street

Aiden Davison
Aiden Davison

A man who broke into his girlfriend's house and trashed it before headbutting a man in the street has been jailed.

Aiden Davison had organised to go on a date with the victim, who he had been in an on-off relationship with, when they began to argue.

Neil Pallister, prosecuting, told Newcastle Crown Court how he started to complain about how she was dressed and ordered her to change into different clothes for the date.

Mr Pallister said: "She refused to do so and went out and spent the night with other friends of hers."

The 33-year-old called the woman numerous times to tell her he was having a good time with friends and that he was going to go around to her house to smash the place.

Mr Pallister said: "She laughed them off, thinking he was drunk and behaving in his normal way."

A neighbour of hers returned home in the early hours of July 16 and heard banging and cracking noises from her property in Lawrence Court, Washington.

The neighbour contacted the police after she saw Davison fighting in the street with another man.

Mr Pallister said: "The other man involved had been walking through the street with friends, they stopped and sat on a wall to eat some pizza.

"The defendant having committed the burglary had approached the man for no reason what so ever and headbutted him.

"The man punched the defendant. The defendant came off worse."

The woman returned home to discover that her property had been vandalised by Davison - who had been arrested.

The kitchen window was shattered, the kitchen draws pulled out and smashed on the kitchen floor and the contents thrown all over.

Knives were thrown all over the kitchen, paperwork had been thrown around and pictures on the walls had been pulled down and damaged.

A large window in the property had been smashed.

In a victim impact statement, the woman said: "I'm vulnerable, already suffering from anxiety due to what's personally going on in my life.

"This incident has shattered my nerves.

"I don't know if I can trust anyone ever again."

Davison, also of Lawrence Court, Concord, Washington, admitted burglary and assault by beating.

Paul Rowland, defending, told the court: "He went around on impulse by drink, it wasn't a targeted burglary.

"He didn't take anything from the premises. He went in and made a mess down stairs.

"He drank far too much and he knows when he drinks too much he makes ridiculous decisions.

"He didn't go around with the intent of committing a burglary, he went there with the intent of confronting her and asking her why she let him down.

"He was aware that no one was in the house when he entered.

"He didn't wait for her, he went out of the house before she returned.

"Having left the house he made another ridiculous decision, he went to speak to this young man.

"He's not a burglar in his eyes."

The judge, Recorder John Aitken, told Davison: "You have got a bad temper when one looks at your previous convictions.

"Your regularly damaging and causing disorder of some sort.

"You must learn to control your temper, it's costing you relationships as well as everything else.

"It's got you into a lot of trouble this time."

Recorder Aitken sentenced Davison to 15 months in prison and was also handed a five year restraining order