‘Worst day of my life’ – woman harassed with 135 calls by paranoid boyfriend

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A BOYFRIEND bombarded his partner with 135 telephone calls in just one day – because he feared she had been unfaithful.

David Dodds thought Emma Robinson had been involved with his cousin, when he made the repeated, often threatening calls – followed up by 12 “sorry” texts.

Miss Robinson told police it was “the worst day in my life”.

Dodds, 31, of Valley Court, Sunderland, who admitted harassment, was sentenced to a community order for 18 months with supervision and programme requirements, when he appeared at Newcastle Crown Court.

He has spent six weeks in custody on remand. Prosecutor Bridie Smurthwaite told the court the couple had been together about two years when she received the text threats on November 6, after Dodds had taken a cocktail of drink and drugs.

Miss Smurthwaite said: “In total, over the day, she received 100 missed calls and 35 calls which she answered, where abusive threats were made. The defendant sent 12 sorry texts when he had sobered up.”

Dodds told detectives he had wanted to scare Miss Robinson after he heard she had been involved with his cousin. He said he had wanted to get to the truth of what was going on.

Katherine Dunn, defending, said Dodds has “very little recollection” of what he did and was at a low ebb due to unemployment and depression at the time.

Miss Dunn said Dodds has now sought help for his problems, which include alcohol abuse.

The court heard Miss Robinson has sent a series of letters marked with “I love you” while Dodds has been in custody, and the couple want to start a relationship again.

Judge Forster warned Dodds Christmas can be a time of “particular stress” and told him: “Be careful what you drink.”