Woof justice for rejected police dog Vegas, who is all bark and no bite

Vegas is looking for a new home.
Vegas is looking for a new home.
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REJECTED from her job because she doesn’t like to bite, police dog Vegas is looking for a new home.

The 19-month-old German shepherd walked away with her tail between her legs after being told she doesn’t have what it takes to join the force.

Vegas was turned down after failing during Northumbria Police’s rigorous selection progress when she refused to clamp her jaws into an offender’s rear end.

Now she is on the lookout for a new home, but officers are warning she should steer clear of families as she is nervous around children.

Dog Section Sergeant John Sim said: “Vegas unfortunately didn’t possess the necessary qualities to make it as a police dog.

“Surprisingly, not all dogs find it natural to bite.

“For a good bite the dogs have to get their timing right to take hold of whatever or whoever they are chasing in a determined and positive way and keep hold until instructed to let go by the handler, and Vegas was too tentative.

“She will make someone a lovely pet in the right environment.

“She is very nervous around children so would require an adult-only home, with owners with plenty of breed experience and time to devote to her.”

Vegas was trained at the force’s headquarters in Ponteland, Northumberland, and was taught to jump through windows, ignore gunshots, sink her teeth into knifemen and bark and bite on command.

She was one of a litter of eight pups specially bred for police work.

For more information, phone police on 03456 043 043.