Women nabbed Sunderland bag snatcher as he tried to escape over a wall

George Jones
George Jones
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TWO women chased a bag snatcher through city streets, grabbing his leg as he tried to climb a wall, a court heard.

George Jones has been jailed for three months after he pounced on the pair as they were walking in Tavistock Place in Sunderland on at 7.20pm on August 9.

The women had just parked up their car and were walking to a restaurant when they when they became aware of Jones who was behind them, Sunderland magistrates heard.

Prosecutor Jeanette Smith said one of them felt a pull to the bag she was carrying, before Jones, 32, ran off with it towards Tatham Street.

“The injured party and her friend chased him into the walled carpark at Victoria Place where he attempted to climb over the wall,” Mrs Smith said.

“They managed to grab hold of his leg.”

Despite the pair’s courage, Jones, of Hylton Road, got away with the bag and its contents, worth £559.

However, after his arrested, one of the women picked him out in an identity parade and Jones later pleaded guilty to theft.

He was on bail at the time for the theft of a mobile phone, and has now been recalled to prison, after he was released on licence while serving a sentence for burglary.

Tony Morgan, mitigating, said Jones takes Valium to cope with his memories of the death of his younger brother as a teenager. The pair had been riding their bicycles in Hendon, when Jones’ brother was crushed to death under a lorry

“He’s taken some Valium earlier in the day and the next thing he remembers is waking up and his partner telling him what he told her he’d been doing.

“He remembers very fleeting snippets of the offence.” Mr Morgan added.