Woman who burgled Sunderland neighbour offered her victim his own stolen beer

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A WOMAN who broke into a flat to steal nine bottles of beer and two toilet rolls has escaped jail.

Kelly Leigh Dryden burgled the flat next door to her in West Sunniside, Sunderland, in order to get her hands on her neighbour’s ale.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how when her neighbour returned home on January 20 he found the door was open and discovered the burglary.

He knocked on Dryden’s door and the 29-year-old offered him a bottle of beer from his own home.

He spotted another eight bottles of the beer, which can only be purchased from a brewery, on her kitchen bench.

Dryden told her victim that the other part of his door frame was in the back yard.

Bridie Smurfwaite, prosecuting, said: “The defendant burgled the flat next to her, the Crown said in order to steal alcohol.”

She said the defendant was abusive and threatening.

She said: “She was arrested and she was drunk. She had put up some resistance to being taken to the police vehicle. P

“olice found bottles of beer. Nine were taken and three had been drunk. They also recovered two toilet rolls.

“The door damage was estimated at £100.”

Dryden, of Tonbridge Road, Thorney Close, Sunderland, pleaded guilty to burglary at a previous hearing.

Judge John Evans told Dryden: “Burglary is always serious, going into someone else’s property, whatever the circumstances.

“The property stolen on this occasion was very limited, but the fact you are going into someone else’s house is the serious aspect of that offence.

“I am satisfied that the circumstances are such that the current situation is rather better than at the time of the offence.

“You have got a job, you have got a supportive mother and you have got a house.

“You have no reason to behave in the way that you have.”

Judge Evans sentenced Dryden to eight months in prison, suspended for 18 months.