Woman took out loans in her mother’s name – then accused her of stealing drugs

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A WOMAN took out payday loans in the name of her mother and made false allegations about her mother’s conduct at work.

Kelly Marie Lamont told the authorities at Sunderland Royal Hospital her mother, a nurse, had stolen drugs, Durham Crown Court heard.

“The allegations were entirely false,” said Shaun Dryden, prosecuting. “They were made by Lamont in retaliation after her mother had called the police about the loans.

“Lamont took out three loans and tried to take out a fourth using her mother’s name.

“She obtained £585 in total, none of which has been repaid.”

The court heard Lamont claimed her mother was sitting next to her when the loans were applied for online.

“Police found two of the applications were made via a mobile phone,” added Mr Dryden. “At the time, Lamont was on a bus.

“It was impossible for her mother to have been with her.”

In a victim impact statement read to the court, Lamont’s mother said she had always tried her best to help her daughter.

“We cannot understand why she seems hell bent on destroying us,” the mother added. “We bear her no malice, but she needs to leave us in peace now.”

Lamont 27, of Elliott Road, Peterlee, admitted four charges of fraud in July and August of last year.

The court heard Lamont previously accepted a caution for theft from her employer.

“That was for stealing drugs when she worked as a nurse,” said Mr Dryden. “She was subsequently sacked.”

Don McFaul, defending, said in mitigation Lamont has two children, aged five and 10 months.

“She formerly worked for a bus company but is not working at present,” Mr McFaul added.

Judge Penny Moreland sentenced Lamont to 10 weeks in prison, suspended for one year, and ordered her repay the £585 loans and £1,200 court costs.

The judge told her: “These were mean offences against your mother.

“The offending and the unfounded allegations you later made caused her great distress.”

Lamont must repay the money at £10 a week.