Woman threw £20 notes at shop assistant after Sunderland theft

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A SHOPLIFTER promised a judge she had mended her ways.

Lisa Jane Allison, from Chester-le-Street, flung £20 notes at a shop assistant after she was caught stealing from the Bridges shopping centre in Sunderland, a court heard.

The woman confronted the 28-year-old in the centre’s toilets, after noticing her leaving New Look without paying for a lace top, on August 29.

Sarah Guest, prosecuting, read out a statement from the witness.

She said: “The lady started throwing £20 notes at me, saying “I will pay for it”.

“She was taken back to the store and searched and a top, worth £17.99, was recovered.

Mrs Guest added that the shop worker said the store had lost a large amount of money due to shoplifters.

Allison, of Kings Court in Pelton, first claimed she could not remember what had happened, but later pleaded guilty to theft.

She handed in her list of income and outgoings to the court, with the written promise “I will try not to steal from shops again”.

But District Judge Roger Elsey made her say she would not steal at all, before fining her £100.

Unemployed Allison must also pay £80 towards court costs and a £20 victim surcharge.