Woman stole wedding ring from man she picked up in Sunderland pub – while he was sleeping

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A WOMAN who was wooed back to a man’s house in Sunderland for a night cap stole his wedding ring and cash after he fell asleep.

Nicole Thirkettle met her victim in a pub near her home in Hendon, Sunderland.

He invited the 33-year-old back to his home after they struck up conversation over drinks in The Charltons.

They had a glass of wine each before Thirkettle, of Cairo Street, went outside to use her phone.

Sunderland Magistrates; Court heard that while she was out, the man fell asleep.

When he woke the next morning he found his wedding ring was missing, as well has some cash and the sim card from his mobile phone.

She was due before magistrates on Wednesday but failed to show up and was found guilty in her absence.

A warrant was issued for her arrest and she was eventually brought before the court on Friday to be sentenced.

She pleaded guilty to failing to surrender for the theft offence.

Prosecutor Paul Anderson told the court that Thirkettle told her victim that she was called Vicky when they met, on September 12.

He said: “She said she needed to go outside to make a call, because there was no reception in the house.

“He fell asleep and when he got up the next day, he found his mobile was open and the SIM card was gone.

“There was about £20 or £30 missing from a pot on the windowsill and a gold wedding ring, valued at £400.”

Thirkettle - who has 160 offences on her record and was jailed for six months in December by Newcastle Crown Court – was arrested after being identified from CCTV footage.

Mr Anderson added: “She made no reply to police, other than to say, ‘I’ll have my day in court’.

“Well she did not even have that, because she did not turn up.”

Willie Jonhstone, defending, said: “What happened on that evening was that the injured party was drinking in that salubrious establishment known as The Chartlons.

“He had a few drinks and it does not take an overactive imagination to see what was going on.

“She had all intentions of having a drink and what ever. When she got there, she changed her mind about what ever they were going to do.

“Unfortunately, she left with the property. I will make no bones about it.”

Magistrates adjourned sentencing for Probation Service reports and Thirkettle was released on conditional bail until August 1.