Woman joined in sick hoax 999 call

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A SICK trickster pretended to be the mother of a teenage sex assault victim during a hoax call to police.

Kelly Conlon took the role of a distressed mum after another woman allegedly rang 999 and claimed she was a 13-year-old girl who had been attacked.

Sunderland Magistrates’ Court heard how a hoax call was made to the police control room around 1.45pm on May 15.

Prosecutor Rachael Dodsworth said police repeatedly tried to ring the mobile back, but they were hung up on every time.

Officers were put into action trying to trace the whereabouts of the woman who owned the phone.

Conlon, 27, was arrested as part of the investigations and pleaded guilty to an offence under the Malicious Communications Act.

She told police she was aware of a call being made while she was at a friend’s house.

Mrs Dodsworth said: “The other woman said she was a 13-year-old, then passed the phone to her and told her to pretend to be her mother.

“She said she spoke on the phone to the operator and said her daughter had been sexually assaulted.

“She handed the phone back to the other woman and said she started screaming ‘like a bairn’ down the phone, then terminated the call to police.

“She said it had got out of hand at that point and someone should call police to tell them it had been a hoax.

“But at no point did she try to call the police back to tell them it was a hoax and said in interview it was a terrible allegation to make.”

Defending, Chris Wilson said: “The telephone call was not instigated by her, but during the course of the conversation the phone was passed to her.”

He added that Conlon, who is pregnant, suffered from mental health problems and anxiety.

Magistrates labelled the offence a “vile charade” and sentenced Conlon, of Elizabeth Street, Castletown, to a 12-month community order.

l Two other women charged with the same offence are due to stand trial at the city court in October.

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