Woman hid phone she’d stolen from friend down her cleavage

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A WOMAN who stole a friend’s mobile phone by sticking it down her cleavage has been given a chance of a fresh start.

Prosecutor Paul Anderson told city magistrates Jody Walker, 20, had locked her friend Mohammed Bashiri in her house, and tucked his iPhone 5c down her top when he tried to leave on August 27.

Mr Bashiri had used a second mobile phone to call the police.

Interviewed by police, Walker had admitted having several opportunities to return the phone, but failed to do so.

She had given it away “to get it off her hands”, said Mr Anderson.

Walker had admitted the theft on a previous occasion and appeared before city magistrates for sentence.

Trish Mytton, for Walker, said she accepted the theft, but not locking Mr Bashiri in the house.

“The door was locked, but the key was on the mantelpiece, he would have known where it was,” said Mrs Mytton.

“He asked to leave and she let him out.”

Walker had been living in hostel accommodation, but has now been given a new address in Birmingham,

“That is her opportunity to make a fresh start,” she said.

“It means she has quite a lot going for her. It would be difficult for Walker to do unpaid work as part of her sentence because she had commitments which made it impossible.”

Magistrates agreed not to impose unpaid work or a curfew because of Walker’s situation.

She was made subject to a year’s community order with a condition that she be under the supervision of the probation service.