Woman had knife in street

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A WOMAN who waved a knife in the street and threatened to use it has been spared jail.

Stacey Drewett was told by Judge Esmond Faulks he would ordinarily lock her up, but would not do so because she has a large number of personal problems.

Durham Crown Court heard Drewett dialled 999 telling police she was about to be burgled.

When officers arrived they found her in the street holding a kitchen knife and had to tell her three times to put it down.

Prosecutor Joanne Kidd said Drewett later told police the knife was for personal protection and she was prepared to use it to protect herself or her property.

She added: “There was also an ongoing saga about a dispute with a neighbour.”

Drewett, 30, of Eighth Street, Horden, admitted possessing an offensive weapon on March 24, last year.

Sentencing Drewett to a 12-month community order, Judge Faulks told her: “I have read a lengthy pre-sentence report about you, and you have a lot of problems for which you need help.

“Anyone who waves a knife in public and threatens to use it should expect to go to prison.

“Don’t do this again, or that is where you will go.”