Woman broke baby’s arm in fit of rage

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A WOMAN broke a baby’s arm after shaking the tot during a fit of rage.

Ann Kelley, of Theresa Street, Seaham, snapped the baby’s arm when she grabbed the child by the elbows and shook them up and down.

Judge Roger Thorn said the 23-year-old’s attack was “contrary to human nature” as he sentenced her for cruelty.

Kelley was spared jail, however, after she pleaded guilty on the basis of the attack being a momentary loss of control.

In her written basis of plea, Kelley confessed: “I had hold of (the child) in front of me by the arms and (the child) was screaming a high-pitched cry.

“I was holding them by the elbows and shook them up and down.

“I heard something in the arm and knew I had hurt the arm badly.”

The court heard that the baby’s injuries would have been “extremely painful”, following the incident on May 12 last year at a house in Newcastle.

Doctors realised the injury was non-accidental and Kelley was questioned and gave various versions of what had happened.

However, she pleaded guilty to causing the injury.

Suspending an eight-month prison sentence at Newcastle Crown Court, Judge Roger Thorn QC said: “This is a difficult and troubling case because this is wholly contrary to human nature.

“What you did was cause a fracture to the lower end of the right elbow of this little baby.”

Medics at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle gave the baby painkillers and put a cast on the arm.

Jonathan Devlin, prosecuting, said: “The doctors say significant force was needed to fracture the humerus and thought it was highly suspicious of being a non-accidental injury.

“They said the cause could have been either direct impact over the point of the flexed elbow or from a yank injury.

“It would have been evidently painful to the person with the child at the time.”

The court heard the baby’s arm took four months to heal.

Kelley admitted cruelty and was given an eight-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, with supervision.

Brian Hegarty, defending, said: “This was a single act of causing injury to the infant. She lost control momentarily with very serious consequences, while under severe pressure.”