Wife fled home in her pyjamas to escape brutal Sunderland husband’s savage beating

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A WIFE fled from her home wearing pyjamas to escape an attack by her angry husband that left her needing surgery.

Grant Johnson, 45, pushed wife Sharon to the ground during a row at their home, which caused a cut to her forehead that needed staples, and a break to her wrist that needed an operation to repair.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the argument was at the end of their 21-year relationship and led to the complete breakdown of the marriage.

Mrs Johnson has not returned to their home since.

Prosecutor Donald McFaul said the couple had been drinking at home after work on February 6 when a row started.

Mr McFaul said: “It culminated in the defendant pushing the complainant.

“She fell and hit her head on the doorframe which caused a cut requiring three staples.

“She was also found to have a broken wrist from the fall that required an operation to pin it.

“On the night in question she was able to leave the house, distressed, only in pyjamas and went to Seaburn Metro to get help from workmen, who called the police.”

When police got to the house Johnson told them: “It’s just a domestic.”

Mrs Johnson told police she was shocked, scared and embarrassed by what happened that night.

Mr McFaul said: “She was scared of him and continues to be so.”

Johnson, of Windmill Square, Fulwell, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm.

Mr Recorder Murray jailed Johnson for 12 months.

The judge said: “She said in her statement she was shocked, embarrassed, frightened to go home and, in fact, has not gone home.

“She has left and made a home somewhere else.

“The days when violence against a woman was seen as less important and serious than other offences have long gone.”

Andrew Walker, defending, said Johnson has led a decent, hard working and trouble free life.

Mr Walker said: “It was a second’s frustration borne out of an argument that occurred in the dying embers of a long relationship.”

The court heard the couple have not spoken since that night and Johnson understands his estranged wife is now in a new relationship.