What you had to say about the SAFC pitch invaders who avoided a ban

Alan and Ben Appleby.
Alan and Ben Appleby.
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Brothers Alan and Ben Appleby are die-hard SAFC fans who invaded the pitch at the Stadium of Light following their side's victory over Everton last month.

And yesterday at the city's magistrates' court, they escaped football banning orders.

Alan and Ben Appleby outside Sunderland Magistrates' Court.

Alan and Ben Appleby outside Sunderland Magistrates' Court.

But did you think the sentence was fair?

Here's what you had to say on social media about the conditional discharges handed to the pair.

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1. Ron Cooper: "Club should ban them for next season or only offer them seats in Northwest corner with no chance of access to the pitch."

2. John Casey: "What's wrong with being passionate about your team, like? Jesus, it's not as if they were punching any horses or anything is it? Give them a bloody OBE, I say, Well done lads!"

3. Zak Waters: "We all make mistakes. At least they are taking it on the chin and being open about it. Who cares what they do or look like they have not hurt anyone apart from their dignity."

4. Brian Thurlbeck: "The club still have the power to refuse them access to the stadium. Hope they use it. We are watching."

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5. David Dowson: "Over the moon for both of the lads."

6. Clive Lee: "Pleased for you lads! But please keep off the pitch. Never gamble losing your right to support your beloved Sunderland AFC."

7. Eugene Risto: "If people are getting away with murder these lads should be hailed as icons for entering the pitch. Respect."