Wearside Jack ‘attacked three times’ since leaving prison

John Humble
John Humble
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‘WEARSIDE Jack’ has been attacked three times since his release from prison, according to reports.

John Humble, the man behind the infamous tape that derailed the Yorkshire Ripper inquiry, is back living in Sunderland but paying a “heavy price” for his high-profile crime.

Humble, now 57, was just 23 when he recorded the message pretending to be the serial killer.

His actions led to hundreds of Wearside men being questioned by detectives investigating the killings.

The tape was posted to the head of the Ripper team, West Yorkshire Assistant Chief Constable George Oldfield, personally taunting him and redirecting the investigation away from Sutcliffe and into Sunderland.

The Echo revealed in 2009 how Humble was set to be released from prison for his crime.

The former labourer is now reported as saying that making the tape started “as a prank – just a bit of fun”.

He told relatives: “I was young and daft.

“It was a spur of the moment thing with the first letter, then I got carried away.”

Humble’s guilt remained a secret for almost three decades until he was trapped by a saliva swab after an unrelated drinking offence.

He pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice at Leeds Crown Court in March 2006 having been arrested at his home at Flodden Road on Ford Estate the previous October.

Humble’s sister Jean, 46, revealed her family had also paid a heavy price.

She said: “We had windows smashed and were abused in the street.

“Even after he got out of prison, he was beaten up three times.”