‘We’ll torture you and kill your dog’ – robbers’ threat to victim

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A VICTIM of masked robbers today told how he feared being tortured by the men who attacked him in his home and demanded cash.

Trevor Shaw thought it was an early April Fools’ Day joke being played by his mates when he saw men wearing balaclavas inside the porch to his kitchen in Penryn Avenue, Murton.

But the armed pair charged in, pinned him to the floor and landed a blow to his head, holding a weapon against his neck as they threatened to hurt him and kill his dog.

The 49-year-old butcher and heavy goods driver, who is not working due to a back injury, was able to free himself and fled barefoot from his house, with Jack Russell-chihhuahua-cross Bobby.

He hid around a corner to try and catch the registration of any car the thugs were using, but after waiting and seeing no sign of the pair, he returned to the house and raised the alarm with police.

He is now echoing police calls for help to track down the yobs, who escaped with a small amount of money.

Trevor said: “I just thought it was going to be a joke and the two lads would lift up their masks.

“But they started threatening me, and I put up the best fight I could.

“They got me down on the ground and were going to torture us.

“Bobby is so timid. He was terrified and just ran.

“I was just totally blasted. I was trying to look at their faces and eyes and mouths to see who it was. I’ve never done a bit of harm to anybody in my life.”

Trevor was checked by paramedics, but declined to go to hospital for further treatment.

The knock to his head has left him with a large bump.

The robbery happened at 10pm on Sunday, as Trevor went to pour himself a whiskey.

As he has back problems, he had left his back door open so friends could let themselves in, but he will now ensure his home is kept secure.

Both men were dressed in dark clothing and spoke with local accents.

Police have appealed for anyone with information to get in touch.

Durham Police can be contacted on 101.

Alternatively, or Crimestoppers can be called anonymously on 0800 555 111.