WATCH: Sons’ tearful words as dad’s killers are jailed

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THE sons of murder victim George Dagg have spoken of their grief after killers ripped their family apart.

George Dagg, 53, was stabbed to death outside his home in Plains Farm in June.

VICTIM: George Dagg.

VICTIM: George Dagg.

Brothers Jess and Jack Ryan have today been given life sentences for his murder.

Speaking after the sentencing, George’s sons Marlon and Robert Dagg said: “Someone we loved, our father, our best friend, our everything.

“They have ripped our whole family apart and taken away someone we love who we can never get back and that’s something we now have to live with for the rest of our lives.

““Words can’t describe what we think about these men. Our father had his back turned and was walking away when he was stabbed from behind - this is callous and cowardly as our father was defenceless and unarmed.

“And we believe the defence they used during the case - dragging a deceased man and his family into proceedings - was disgraceful and shows how low they were willing to go - we’re absolutely appalled by this.

“We’d like to personally thank the community of Plains Farm. Every single person who stood up to be heard, who came to court to ensure the right verdict was reached. We are humbled by you. These people, some we have known all our lives others not so long, they have pulled together and stood by us throughout this traumatic time. Your support has been the reason we got this far.

“We’d also like to thank the police for such a fantastic investigation. They had a response for everything and have supported us throughout. They have been relentless in their pursuit of justice.

“We as a family would like to thank the jury for seeing past a clandestine story created by the defendants in their dark cell they shared together for six months and that you saw through this.

“For everything that you will say in darkness shall be heard in the light and whatever you whispered in an ear in an inner chamber will be preached on the rooftops.

“We will never ever forget this. Thank you from the Dagg family.”

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