Watch shocking moment Sunderland danger driver caused head-on crash when he travelled wrong way around roundabout

This is the shocking moment a danger driver caused a head-on crash when he travelled the wrong way around a city roundabout in the dark.

Craig Stoker, who had no licence and was high on cannabis, had been trying to get away from police in a red Audi he was driving at 70mph through Sunderland on the night of October 14 last year.

Newcastle Crown Court heard his behaviour posed such a risk to the public that officers aborted their pursuit of him on safety grounds.

But even after the police had stopped the chase, Stoker, who had just crossed the Northern Spire bridge in the city, drove the wrong way around the roundabout and caused a dual carriageway crash with a Ford Focus.

Craig Stoker has been jailed for dangerous driving.

He then continued driving, with his rear door swinging open as a result of the smash, onto the forecourt of a petrol station on the A1231, then back out ontothe wrong side of the road again and narrowing missed another vehicle.

Stoker then completely lost control of the car, crashed into a fence at the rear of a property on Rydal Mount and tried to run away on foot before he was detained by the police, who found cocaine in the car.

The 25-year-old, of Brockley Street, Sunderland, admitted dangerous driving, driving otherwise in accordance with a licence, failing to stop, failing to report an accident, driving with drugs over the specified limit, possessing cocaine and having an offensive weapon in relation to a baton found in the car.

Judge Chrisopher Prince sentenced him to 14 months behind bars with a 12-month road ban after his release.

Craig Stoker.

Judge Prince told him: "The risk in this case of death or serious injury was extremely high."

The court heard police had first spotted Stoker driving "fast and erratically" in the city and pulled him over on Hylton Road but he drove away when asked tostop the engine.

He then drove at 70mph in a 20mph zone and turned off the lights in a bid to get away.

Stoker continued driving at 70mph over the Northern Spire bridge, with police only around ten metres behind.

Judge Prince said: "As you approached a stream of traffic that was slowing for a roundabout at a major junction you travelled across the central reservationonto the wrong side of the dual carriageway.

"You drove around the wrong side of a major dual carriageway roundabout, straight into the line of traffic approaching that roundabout from the opposite direction.

"So dangerous was your driving the police decided to abort that pursuit, rather than cause such a significant risk to other drivers.

"They thought of the risk to others, you completely ignored it.

"It must have been moments after police called off the chase you collided with the Ford Focus being driven towards that roundabout."

Judge Prince said Stoker's driving was "truly appalling and horrific" and added: "It was by pure good fortune no-one was killed or seriously injured by your actions."

Jamie Adams, defending, said Stoker was left with post traumatic stress disorder after a serious head injury as a youth, which has affected his behaviour and wellbeing since.

Mr Adams said Stoker has support, an offer of employment and family responsibilities.