Washington menace gets suspended jail sentence for breaching injunction

Sunderland Magistrates Court.
Sunderland Magistrates Court.
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A neighbourhood pest has been given a three-month suspended prison sentence after she breached an injunction preventing her causing mayhem on Washington estate.

Kristina Rush 30, was back before Sunderland County Court within two weeks of the injunction being granted on July 28.

It was brought by Sunderland City Council via Sulgrave & Concord Management Team on behalf of residents and shopkeepers.

Under the injunction, the persistent trouble-maker, of Gladstone Terrace, Sulgrave, is banned from causing harassment, alarm or distress or inciting others to do so, entering or being within a specified area of Sulgrave, and entering or being within a 25metre radius of three Sulgrave businesses.

She was arrested twice, last Thursday and Friday, and was back in court on Tuesday, admitting the breaches.

Next time she breaches the order, she faces an immediate prison sentence.

Neighbourhood Inspector Steve Pescod said: “Northumbria Police takes breaches of injunctions extremely seriously and will always seek to enforce them.

“This individual has caused major problems in the community and I hope people are reassured that this breach was identified just days after the injunction was imposed, and swift action taken.

“We are pleased with the outcome of the court and hope those affected by this behaviour will enjoy living in a more peaceful life. It goes without saying that if the behaviour persists, further action will be taken.”