Washington man smashed up TV in Christmas row with wife

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A WOMAN called police after her husband smashed a TV.

Christopher Short admitted breaching the peace, after a row on December 28.

Sunderland Magistrates’ Court heard that tensions had been building between Short, 43, and his wife, over the festive season.

Paul Anderson, prosecuting, said: “His wife is fairly frank in her statement about the problems they have encountered in their marriage, which has lasted almost 20 years. It has been strained because he has mental health issues.

“He has never been violent towards her, but he takes out his frustrations on the furniture.

Mr Anderson added: “Matters came to a head on Friday, when she was in the house with her grandson and her husband cause some damage to the TV.

“Her grandson becomes frightened by what is going on and she feels she has little alternative but to ring the police.”

When police turned up, Short, of Beverley Court in Concord, Washington, told them he was going to “go and play with the traffic” and was arrested for breach of the peace.

William Johnstone, defending, said Short had been seen by a psychiatric nurse and would be visited by a Crisis team, which deals with people suffering mental health problems.

District Judge Roger Elsey bound Short over in the sum of £300 for six months.