Warning to Sunderland cat owners after two pets die from suspected poisoning

SICKENED ... Kerry Humes is distraught after cat Hex was poisoned.
SICKENED ... Kerry Humes is distraught after cat Hex was poisoned.
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CAT owners are being sent a stark warning after two pets died from suspected poisoning.

An investigation into the cat killings and a possible third attempt has been launched by police, who have stepped up patrols in Albany, Washington.

It is believed the cats drank anti-freeze, which the owners believe was deliberately left in Crossgill.

Kerry Humes, 42, found her cat, Hex, debilitated last week.

Tests were carried out by a vet, which revealed it had been poisoned.

He died seconds before he was about to be put down.

Another cat also fell ill and coughed up blood but has since recovered.

Two days later, a neighbour’s one-year-old cat, Max, fell ill with the same symptoms and had to be put to sleep.

Kerry, 42, said: “I could see that he was not his normal self.

“He looked like he had been immobilised and straight away I thought he had been poisoned.

“The vet did an X-ray to see if he had been run over but blood tests showed he had been poisoned. I was in tears when I found out.

“I don’t know who would want to do this but some people just don’t like cats. What has happened is disgusting.”

Vet Andrew Henfrey, of Dragon Veterinary Centre, in Concord, said: “The cats appeared wobbly and wide-eyed and both had acute kidney failure.

“If an animal has drunk anti-freeze there is little that can be done for them.

“There’s no treatment unless they are seen doing it.

“These cats were virtually next-door neighbours so our suspicions were quickly raised.

“I really don’t want these kind of things happening.”

The RSPCA has been alerted of the incidents.

A Northumbria Police spokeswoman said: “A resident phoned to let us know she was in the process of contacting the RSPCA regarding the death of her cat.

“She wanted to let us know for our information.”

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