Victim ‘deserved a good crack’, says attacker who pounced outside Sunderland university building

ATTACK SCENE: The Murray Library, Chester Road, Sunderland.
ATTACK SCENE: The Murray Library, Chester Road, Sunderland.
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A MAN has admitted affray on the night a 16-year-old boy was stabbed in the neck outside a university building.

Daine Bainbridge got caught up in a dispute outside the Murray Library, in Chester Road, on May 10 last year, Sunderland magistrates heard.

The 26-year-old had stepped in to help a teenage girl who had been thrown to the ground in the melee before the stabbing, which happened at 10.30pm.

Prosecutor Jeanette Smith said one of the males in Bainbridge’s group was approached by another male.

“Initially, there was a verbal altercation,” Ms Smith said. “The male then threw two of the girls to the ground.

“Daine Bainbridge approached him. He lost his temper and chased the male and assaulted him.”

Bainbridge was arrested, telling officers the group had been drinking. When the male grabbed the girl, he lost his temper.

“He said he punched the male with a left-right combination,” she added. “He has boxing experience. He said that as a result the male’s eye burst open and he was covered in blood.

“He said the male deserved ‘a good crack’ and that he was lucky he didn’t get more.”

Bainbridge, of Padonhill, Moorside, admitted affray and also pleaded guilty to an offence under section 4 of the Public Order Act.

Susan Grey, defending, said: “They come together there is an exchange. The male is eating chips.

“He puts his package down and there is a stand-off. The girls become involved and he tries to put them out of the way.

“After the girl is forced to the ground, he comes together with the male and punches him. CCTV then shows the male leaving.

“A teenager is later stabbed in the neck.”

Sentencing Bainbridge to a one-year supervision order with a “thinking skills” programme, £60 costs and an £80 surcharge, District Judge Roger Elsey said: “This sort of violence in the city centre at night with your previous convictions for drunkenness and violence could easily justify a custodial sentence, but I take account of the fact that it occurred some time ago.”

The judge also revoked a previous community order.

The victim of the stabbing was taken to hospital with an injury described as not being life-threatening.

A bridge over nearby Metro lines were cordoned off by police, along with an underpass leading to the city centre. Four people – including two youths were arrested at the time.